Introduce Yourself!

Hello there, I'm currently a college student who likes video games (especially those of the RPG and Rhythm Action variety) and enjoys entering video game tournaments in his spare time

Going to help out with some beta testing. Partially for my college assignment, partially because this game looks like it's shaping up rather well!


hi just been playing the 3D beta and and so far im finding it pretty good, haven't come across any bugs yet which is always a good sign


Hay everyone,

I'm Zero, currently studying at Confetti and will do my best to give as much input and feedback as possible for Year0. See you in the forums X


hey i'm also studying at Confetti, so far the only issue i have had is the 3D button at the bottom of the screen is missing some of the time. And to answer your question Jemma my avatar is Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII :D


I never really got into the Final Fantasy games. I have no idea why as they are exactly the type of thing I'd usually go for.


Yo, 'nother Confetti student here. If I'm honest, not the biggest Year 0 fan - the gameplay just isn't for me, but the community's looking good and I'm hoping to read up on the story aspects!
Which reminds me, where *can* I read up on Year 0's story? The website doesn't seem like it has any pages dedicated to it so all I really know is what the front page says and the snippets the tutorial offers.
Anyway, moodiness about the gameplay aside it's good to be here!


Hi, I'm Daniel. Yet another Student at confetti. Thought I should introduce myself, especially as I'm currently 4th on the ranking board. Seriously people up you game, I'm not even good :)