Jezzails... Rat Ogres... and other Skaven Mercenaries...

Like many of the people who got sucked into the table-top version of Mordheim, the Skaven was my favorite warband.

The idea of using the sneaky rat-men in the City of the Damn always felt so right. A dessicated ruined city filled with wyrdstone, traps and unspeakable horrors, Mordheim truly is a Skaven's nirvana. Unfortunately the Skaven in Mordheim Warband Skirmish are missing something and feel a little underpowered...

While it would be fantastic if the Skaven could have larger warbands than the other factions (fingers crossed), that has not happened yet sooooooo in the meantime lets look at the other ways that the Skaven can be made better.

What if Skaven had access to new and lethal characters?

Why not give the Skaven can openers to help deal with all the heavily armored human knights specifically Rat Ogres, Jezzails.

Or how about a Clan Eshin Combat Mage who could summon some fog to make long rifles and human long range shooting less effective.

What do you guys think?
Ah so you looked at my jezzails idea and went with that.

Jezzails are flavorful but werent in the original Mordheim until an experiemental Clan Skyre skaven warband came out. Right now that should be unnecessary as skaven DID have the ability to unlock ANY WEAPON PROFICIENCY. so yeah you could have Greatswords and Hochland Long Rifles on your Assassin. Go with that LEGENDARY-GAMES.

Rat Ogres I would like to see but they would be poorly balanced. Originally they were expensive and powerful but had no equipment options and generally just got overshadowed by having half a dozen sling using Verminkin. Here maybe they would be balanced as Mercenary units IF they didnt gain experience(they didnt in Mordheim, so fair). That would make them much more of a tough decision. "Theyre powerful but they have no armor and dont improve, should I get them?"

A clan Eschin Sorcerer might be nice when other magical characters get released(hopefully NOT as mercenaries), but I remember many spells in Mordheim just being too weak especially in comparison to Warhammer spells that could affect whole units. Generally it was just a better idea to use verminkin with slings.

In otherwords maybe. Id like to see balance. For now Skaven need better equipment options.