Just got this....And I love it! However....

I play alot of tactical turn based RPGs, and I usually do well, but this one is different....Sometimes the difficulty seems to spike suddenly playing single player maps, and I get wrecked....Now I am not one to shy away from a challenge, and I know your not supposed to get attached to any of your units in a game like this....I played Mordheim city of the damned alot, and I am aware of this style of assymetrical gameplay....

But I could REALLY use some advice to get ahead here. I want to build a warband I am "comfortable" with in that I dont fear starting a map and getting one shot by everything there, or tips on building up gold....Anything you guys could advise me on would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Practice hiding, and increasing your warriors initiatives will mean you move before enemies do. Also focus on completing the objectives, and knowing when to retreat should help.


I would say that there are a couple main suggestions. #1, pay attention to your warband rating. Skills and equipment will increase your warband rating by different values, with extra attacks being the main culprits for over inflation. For example, a warband with maxed attacks on each member but no other skills will be the same rating as, and therefore matched with, a warband with each member level 20 or 30 but with the skill points allocated elsewhere. It’s a good idea to minimize rating as much as possible. #2, survivability is key. Way more important than damage output when you are starting a warband. Upgrading wounds early is a must, upgrading weapon skill will make you harder to hit in combat, and buying elven cloaks will make you harder to shoot. #3, One extra kill or winning the scenario is almost never worth even one more casualty. Take a hint from the skaven and get out while you’re mostly intact. And finally #4, start with a plan and be picky. If you know what you kinda want to warband to look like, start with that end in mind. As such, be really picky with the warband members you hire, waiting to get as perfect of stats as possible. Those are my thoughts after my first ever warband was really fun until all of a sudden it really wasn’t and everyone died... been in that same boat and it’s rough


Hiding and achieving alpha strike when you come out to fight are good points. Watch out for the shooters, if any part of your figure is visible, you are a target. The TT weapons and feathers don't count as a visual does not appear to apply in this version.


Good points mentioned above. The one question I would ask is what are you looking for to have fun. Fun is the most important factor here.

If you're looking for competitive PVP, then ratings management and how you select skills is vital as you are targeting a rating of 500 or less while keeping the build as optimal as possible. This is only due to being able to find opponents easily. The higher rating, the harder it is to find opponents. For people like myself, continually fighting AI gets boring.

If you are looking for casual fun, then I'd recommend trying to do a lore based warband. Build and advancement are still important but you don't have to care about maintaining a certain rating level. Some tips to build a warband quickly:

1) Do Not select additional Attacks until you are comfortable to see an increase in rating for opponents. #Attacks is the single highest driver to increase a warband rating.
2) To farm experience, I like to only level up my captain initially. For others, they will acquire skill points, but don't spend them yet. What this does is allow you to face low level warbands to farm quicker. You could do a solo warband to farm gold first before hiring others as well. Solo's aren't competitive in PvP, especially now due to the Horde Assist rules, but they are great for quickly farming gold.
3) Depending on which warband you run, if you have access to a warrior who can get the Flight spell, level that spell to max asap. This will make it easier to farm and grab shards and objectives. A Merc Captain with Flight is an optimal choice or a duo adding a Warlock can easily farm gold.
4) Imo, there's no harm in getting attached to a unit. You could easily revive for 3 Fate. The way I'd recommend building up a quick warband with this purchase, is to get a solo or duo with both Flight spells, buy the 10 Fate package ($2.99). When you have a week where you feel you'll have a lot of play time, spend 5 Fate on the Verena Blessing (double XP) and 5 fate for the Morr Blessing (immune to dead). Then farm away. If you get injured you can watch a video to heal for free. Double XP on a solo/duo means that they level up quick in addition to farming gold.


Also forgot to add, in addition to the above, farm by buying a map of mordheim and running the University District map. Good way to build up gold early by getting tomes and inscribed shards. These you can sell for 206 gold each.