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Hi everyone,

This section of the forum will be used to notify any changes to text or languages in Necromunda.

If you come across any text that doesn't make sense/understand, feel free to report it here.



I prefer playing in English, but sometimes turn to the good old Russian.
I've noticed some mistakes in a hive scum and lookout description. Ammojack description is complete nonsense made by prompt. Some words are not translated, like a graphics quality in the options.
That all I've seen so far. Wish you luck.

Padré Luke

Oh yes.
Yes, russian.
There are players who use cyrillic in game, they should have those sub-forums I've mentioned earlier somewhere, so they can share their thoughts about the game between each other on their own language(s).
(And also I'd like to work on my understanding of the russian language.)

*edit: Oh yeah, and some sub-forums in other languages wouldn't hurt either!