Leaving and suggestions for the future of Mordheim

It was obvious to everyone that the app wasn't up to my expectations of regulated PvP fairplay. In my mind, grinding AI isn't what Mordheim is supposed to be. It's about campaigning with a Warband until it must retire (due to deaths, injuries or bankruptcy, after 15-20 games), and then starting over and see if you can do better with another Faction or another strategy. And remember with nostalgia the Heroes retired to the Hall of Fame.

I'm not the wisest guy around, or I would have dropped out before. But instead of putting another tantrum over the rating system or PvP matchmaking, I'll just move to something else. This was long due, and I'm sorry if I have been a pain in the ass. That was not intended.

Do what you want with the League. I'll be happy if others continue to have fun with it.

If another fan wants to take over the wiki, be my guest. I've started a do-over, and leaving in the middle of it, but the heart isn't there anymore.

I'll leave you with some suggestions of what would be, for me, an awesome gaming environment (please Developpers, take notes) :
  • Deaths and injuries should always be permanent in all formats.
  • No more than one Hired Sword of each type in a Warband, and these can only be bought with gold.
  • No premium items paid with Fate.
  • If LG wants income :
    • Sell skins, faces and other customization trinkets. These have no game consequences, but they look cool and players are ready to pay for that (other games have done that with GREAT success).
    • Sell Tickets for the PvP ladder (beyond the first team). 1 Fate isn't much, but because it isn't, people will pay, and pay, and pay.
    • Also, if Leagues are enabled, paying Fate for tickets would allow the commissioner to give back half the income as prize pool (to unlock Factions, Hired Swords or Skins), while LG gets to keep the other half.
  • AI Campaign mode that is replayable with different Warbands. Goal is to clean Mordheim of shards, and as time goes by and shards become rarer and rarer, the competition gets more and more ferocious. Will your Warband survive to the end? And will it exit Mordheim the richer of all present Factions?
    • I think such campaigns should be played with maybe 10-20 other AI controlled Warbands, that gain experience, gold and injuries as the days progress (AI assigns Victories and Defeats, and make Warbands progress following an algorythm).
    • At first, you would meet random Warbands in the streets. Eventually, some just drop out (top 16 stay), and the rest of the campaign is then played in quarter finals, semifinals and finals fashion.
    • Oh, I know it's not a sport competition, but the warriors in defeated Warbands are just too shaken to continue fighting anymore, and these Warbands will get disbanded by humiliation.
    • This creates a competitive and interesting environment against AI, that goes beyond grinding. There is an end-goal, and it makes playing much more interesting.
  • PvP Warbands should be exclusively played in PvP, and no amount of Fate expenditure should give a bonus to any Warband. Of course, free Warbands are not as good as the premium Warbands you can unlock with Fate, but that is as far as P2W must go.
    • Wins and Losses should be the commodity of the Leaderboard (and iddle/retired teams should progressively lose ranks over time until they fade away).
    • I can certainly see a Warband with 19 victories getting retired after a first humiliating defeat in which the top two Heroes got killed. At 19-1, it could stand in Top 3 for weeks or months.
    • There will be teams with scores of 192-157, but these won't score high in Leaderboard, and they'll probably be 2-3 Heroes (injured but very skilled) and some rookies that are doing their best to keep up.
    • Matchmaking should then be made with other Warbands that have played a similar number of games if possible, and also similar result. If you've lost your last game, you should be paired with another loser ; if you've won the last 3 games, you should be paired with another who've done the same. Sooner or later, you're thus bound to lose, and will only play against players at your level.
    • In the rare cases where matchmaking is inefficient (because of lack of traffic in queue), an Inducements system should help level the playing field (a Healer to reduce chances of injuries, a Wizard to buff some stats, Dramatis Personae for extra firepower, etc.).
  • League features should be enabled. There are hundreds of Leagues in Blood Bowl. I don't see why Mordheim fans would be any less enthusiastic about it.
Quite glad I've been able to get through these suggestions without talking about the rating system. Doh! I've just done so! :p
Have fun, everyone! :)


Sad to see you go Cyberaddict... but this Mordheim isn't the game for you. I think you need to stick to Steam games like blood bowl. The pay to own the game model fits closer with what you want than a f2p game like this Mordheim.

F2p games are all about pay to do something faster than a f2p can. Many of your points above just don't work in a f2p game. While I agree we need a more robust PvP system, only your point about "PvP Warbands should be exclusively played in PvP" stands in my mind. The main points for me is figuring out a way to have PvP matches be fair across warband strength and player strength. Then p2p players can all fight over the top slots in the ranking while the f2p players can find competitive interesting matches lower in the ranking.