Lesser Magic minor change suggestion

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    Lesser magic =standart humie git magic (reikland, middenheim, marienburg)

    Tier 1
    *Flight of Zimmeran* - All good for me.
    *Luck of Shemtek* - attack reroll (basically doubles your hit chance for 1 attack). Not great, not terrible. Making it last trough whole turn would make it very usefull and worth upgrading.

    Tier 2
    *Silver arrows of Arkha* - 3 shots of range 24 ain't any good for Wizards with standart 15-25 BS, and you will be better off just using the fireball instead. Increased damage (maybe based on user Strengh?) might not be a bad idea. And silver hurts Vampires and daemons, right? Why not giving it similar stat to blessed water? Like additional damage to Undead/deamons or negative Defence modifier to Undead/deamons?
    *Dread of Aramar* - nice troll spell, it is only usefull against early Marienburgers, Skaven and Halfling hired swords. Absolutelly useless in higher ranks. Making fearsome enemies getting affected by the spell (it is magic, so why not?) would make space for some interesting and fun tactics, for sure. And it would encourage ppl to upgrade Leadership, too.

    Tier 3
    All good for me.

    Please share your thoughts.
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  2. Algirdas25 Major

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    Use luck of shemtek on snipers or guys with 2h hammers ,it will consirable buff their next attack, nope don't buff it
    Silver bow of Arkha. ..just suck, its terible
    Dread of aramar...low ranks good mid and high not so much

    Sword of azu(somethink) work good for me but if hammer of faith enchant your hammer rather than replace it (if you have one equiped)
    Flame sword should also do the same

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