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Discussion in 'Bugs / Suggestions / Support' started by Barry gardhouse, May 31, 2019.

  1. Barry gardhouse Private

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    My shaven used to be 1800, ish, my new lvl is 2300.
    I changed to dual warplock pistols, going for the 15 bullet achievement, so have been building slowly up...
    Now with this training patch, I'm dropped to lvl 1050... WTH??
    I can't improve my armour, weapons don't make much difference, and my boss refuses to show weeping blades....

    Please guys, what's going on?? I seriously love this game, I really don't want to have to stop playing it.
  2. Oscar Junior Programmer

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    Hi Barry, I believe that the level you are referring to is your power rating. The power rating of a warband is used to match up warbands of similar strengths to keep the game fair.

    In yesterdays patch we reduced the rating increase provided by certain skills because they were increasing a warbands rating by too much - resulting in warbands using those skills having a disadvantage and often being placed in unfavourable matchups. It is likely that your warband used a lot of those skills, which is why your rating dropped so much.

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