Little wishlist for the current state of the game


Hello, I've decided I'd like to compile a personal list of things i'd like to see added/changed.

First off, I think more statistics available to the player would be great. A page of stats for your warband in general and a page for your individual members. The stats could include all sorts of information, such as skirmishes lost/won, coins collected, wyrdstone collected from downed opponents, wyrdstone lost from your own downed members etc. And for the individual stat pages things like, amount of times put out of action, opponents killed/ko'd, amount of things gathered, most damage done, favourite weapon etc. Would be cool to see how they fare over the course of multiple fights.

I've noticed item pickups are pretty rare and mostly seem to be daggers, though I have found the odd thing that isn't a dagger seems like they could be more rewarding considering sometimes you really have to hunt them down across the map sometimes. I'd like to see armor drops added as well as the fancy weapon, would be very exciting to hang on to in the thick of a fight. It'd also be cool if when you pick up a weapon you have the ability to wield, to be given the option to equip it straight away.. it's a longshot but it could lead to some fun moments.

After having the stuffing smashed out of my main warband too many times I thought how about I make a hardcore warband buy only buying the first character presented at the tavern each time and every time I can afford to and not equipping anything I haven't found, and it's been quite entertaining speccing out 3 hp marksmen as violent pugilists and seeing how far they will go. I'm stuck at 7 now because are forced to spend fate on a hired sword to get an 8th member.. not sure how I feel about that as I absolutely do not like hired swords to start with. Maybe if they weren't already levelled and you could swap out their weapons/armor.. but that would obviously be pay to win as you could just hire away until you had a full complement of uber strong fully equipped 1st levels. Not sure how Hired Swords could be improved on exactly but I don't like them as they are.

After making a scavenger warband relying solely on item pickups found in battle, guess what I've got so far with my team of 7? Nothing, they are all fistfighting maniacs who've only grabbed the odd coinpurse. Good fun though, never felt bad being robbed yet! And fists are suprisingly effective weapons when you have enough of them.

Actually speaking of being robbed, my next little wish... How about a percentile chance to rob opponents when we have put them out of action/killed them? Seems only fair we get to loot the odd bit of their equipment considering how likely it is to happen to our own warband.

I'd also like to say, Keep up the good work! I'll add to this post when I think of other things.. Really enjoying my time so far.


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Great list, Edward!

I too am a fan of as much stats as I can get my grubby hands on :) I really don't know what is already tracked in-game behind the scenes, but I'd love to be able to see the things that are!

Fair point on pick ups. Perhaps the devs can enlighten whether the pickups rarity increases with your warband rank, or similar?

Sounds like you've had a run of ill luck with your warband - sorry it's been bad :/ As for your character slots, you should be able to get all 8 slots filled without spending fate, it just costs more gold... right? Unless it's been changed, my recollection is that it just costs more with each successive hire.

As for fisticuffs, I really hope that fists-only ends up a viable route. I know there's the unarmed skill, and if you put a bunch of points in strength, toughness, fear, multiple attacks, you might just be able to craft some fearsome monks ;D By the way, this unarmed fighter seems to be the type I always try to build (in skyrim, FF5/FFT, etc, etc). It's just fun to play :)

One thing I'd REALLY like to see is the ransom mechanic that was in the tabletop. You capture an enemy unit, and can ransom them back for gold (returning them with or without their gear >:]), and some chaos bands could make some... less savory choices: Sell into slavery, "procure" a new zombie, sacrifice to please the gods of chaos, etc. :rubs hands maniacally:
Just to note, if you ransom them you have to return their gear as well, sorry!

You can keep it if you sell them to slavery though.


Ransoming sounds really neat. Actually another thing I'd like would be an ambient soundtrack, I don't mind the music and it's pretty epic when the drums kick off when you spot a Warband, but I'd love a separate track of background ambience. Lonely crows, dogs barking in the distance, the odd scream or scuffle.. creaks of floorboards and rotting timber. It'd really add a lot to the setting! The same thud thud thud of boots and the odd thunk of a weapon is ok I guess. I wouldn't mind some voice overs or grunts and yells in combat either but let's not dream too far haha.

I'm probably asking a lot from a mobile application.. but then again devices are incredibly capable these days and I've played some incredibly full featured games in recent years. The team has already done a fantastic job so far I have to say, I really like the map and model design.

I wonder if we'll ever get to choose starting placements when actual multiplayer comes around.. hmm.