Live PvP and All Warbands!

Prabdeep Bazaz

Social Media Manager
Staff member

It’s been a long time since our last Nintendo Switch update for Mordheim and it’s been slowly getting out of sync with the other versions. But the time has come for the biggest update we have ever done!
Live PvP is finally available for our Nintendo Switch users! This is a feature that has been long overdue since the release of Mordheim on Switch but due to complications, it’s taken us longer to release than we wanted. Nintendo Switch users will now be able to battle their way against users on all platforms including, iOS, Android, Web, Microsoft and Discord!
Along with Live PvP, Nintendo Switch users will now have access to all Warbands in the game including our first premium warband the Dwarf Treasure Seekers!
Various new Hired Swords, Items, Equipment have also been added to the game, which you can see in the changelog below:
Added Live PvP
Adding Possessed Warband
Adding Dwarf Treasure Seekers
Adding Elf Ranger Hired Sword
Theme items added to the shop
Thunderer Hats added
Armour Themes
Adding Delete Warband feature
Fixed Hired Sword Rat Ogre training bug
Fixed Barracks mag navigation issue
Fixed create faction button spam bug
Fixed issue with Sigmarite Warhammer
Fixed Map 4 spawn issue
Fixed Barracks spawn issues