Live PvP Christmas Tournament!

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    To celebrate the festivities we've decided to run a single elimination Tournament, that will be taking place tomorrow at 5 pm (GMT). If everything runs smoothly, we'll most definitely be running more Tournaments in the future with different rules and at a larger scale.

    Here are the rules:
    - Single Elimination
    - Warband rating must be between 200-300
    - Choice of Faction is up to you
    - Eight applicants will be picked at random to participate
    - "No Shows" will result in an automatic disqualification
    - Tournament begins at 5 pm (GMT)

    As this is short notice, we wanted to keep the rules as straightforward as possible. The Warband rating requirement is set low to ensure that players can assemble a suitable Warband for this Tournament if they haven't already got one.

    You can sign-up by following this Link. Fill out the form as best as you can -

    We'll be contacting selected participants relatively soon, so if you're interested in signing up, now would be the time to do so.

  2. Trapsinger Corporal

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    So excited! *squee*

    I don't have any warbands in the right range though. Gonna have to power up some new Marienburgers today so I'm ready. Saves me a spot! oh pretty please!
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  3. Overwatch Community Manager

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    I see your application ;)

    Your spot is safe don't worry!
  4. NgNg Major

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    Guess I missed it.
    Consider me for an alternate please

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