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    The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that the latest update to the game had PvP live in it. This was the final piece of code will make the game on the phone ready to send and receive PvP missions; we are planning to turn the servers on this Thursday!
    This has been a long time in coming and has taken a great amount of work to ensure the connection and experience is as slick and robust as possible. Thanks to all the tireless testers and developers that helped work on this.
    We will slowly ramp up the number of games available to be played, testing and monitoring the servers as they go and turn up the number of games that can be sent and accepted as we verify everything is being handled correctly.
    What to look out for? If there is space on the live PvP server the top mission In the Town Cryer section will be coloured gold, if you select it you will either play a game set up by another live opponent or set up a new game and trigger an in-game message to suitable opponents online. If you get a message that means a player with a similarly ranked warband has set a game up and you should race to the town cryer to play them before any other players get there. If after selecting a gold mission if there is no one available you will revert back to the town cryer screen.
    The obvious difference in live PvP is you will be up against another live opponent. You will be playing the game the way Mordheim was originally intended. This does mean that live PvP games will be slightly longer as all the actions will be picked by your opponent not your device, so make sure you have the time to finish the game! The games are also going to be harder. No AI is ever going to match up to the guile and cunning of a real live human being. Whilst this will also make live PvP game that much more fun we have decided to reward players with greater shard pay outs and XP and reduced the casualty chances especially if there is a big rating difference.
    Please jump in and have a go as soon as it goes live and let us know what you think…Just look out for that “golden ticket”.
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