Major – after going onto ‘city outskirts’ and applying the 3d option it seemed to load as normal until it got around to 95%
Repeatable – i was not able to get this to repeat
Os and web browser – windows 7 and google chrome web browser
To reproduce – I logged in as normal and then before selecting a map i was idle for around 5 minutes i then selected city outskirts and applied the 3d option.
Additional information – This may be a bug in relation to my machine rather than the actual game itself


Hey mckhi, thanks for your report.

Might I suggest that if you have anything else to say that you use a different text colour? I had to highlight this to read it!


Hey Mckhi, just giving you an update! I have just run into this problem myself so I'm going to see what happens and then let someone know about the issue.