Loosing hairs and 2nd pistols doesn't work

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    Screenshot is clear...
    Equipping a kerchief and I lost my hair (lol) and don't get the bonus + 2 on Initiative. And the second pistol just vanish... During a fight seems like I just equipped a knife.
    Can fix it?

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  2. Wizard9er Corporal

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    This same thing happened to me, I closed the game and then reloaded which seemed to make it work

    The pistolier skill gives you the two shots when the graphic for your new 2nd gun is working... Just be mindful of the fact that it will look like you are using the new gun as a melee weapon pistol whipping them...then the original old gun shoots twice
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  3. Shangular Major

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    Yup, I've run into that bug too. It usually happens when I change equipment for the guy who is in the middle of the campfire. Reloading the game fixes it. Make sure you do so, because otherwise the game will read it like you have no equipment equipped. I tried this once and that one warrior kept attacking with his fists.

    A possible related bug is that when that same warrior upgrades a skill like Step Aside, Sprint or Strongman, it doesn't reflect in the stats either until you reload the game.

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