Magic Resistance discrepancies

Elves vs Elves. I shoot 30+ Silver Arrows, and all are resisted. Isn’t it 50% magic resistance (Fey skill)?

They attack with Sword of Rezhebel 10+ times, but magic resistance never kicks in. Is it bad luck on RNG? Or just that magic resistance don’t apply to that spell? While it does with godly success to Silver Arrows?


Sword doesn't count as magic, that's why. I killed many warrior priests and matriarchs with it.
Then why Silver Arrows count as magic? They both use the unit’s skills, unlike Fireball and Matriarch’s smite spell.


I do not know. The fact is that all magic but magicaly summoned melee weapons count towards magic, which sadly doesn't apply to Silver arrows. I'd like it but that can not happen, as spell (prayer?) Aura of Faith should theoretically deny the fire sword as well, which luckily it doesn't. It eliminates any offensive magic there is, not sure about mutations tho, should try out if that counts (was it dark blood?).......


Concerning the Sword of Rezhebel:
Does this magic Sword extend the features of the regular weapon the spell-caster wears or is the original weapon replaced by the Sword?
E.g. the spell-caster uses a Gromril Axe with enemy defence -10 and critical hit +20%. He now casts the Sword of Rezhebel.
Does the sword add +20 Weapon Skill and +20 Strength to the features of the Axe or are they lost for the time the Sword is active?


The Sword of Rezhebel replaces your current weapon regardless of what it is. Only the Sisters and Warrior Priest Hammer spell enhances if your base weapon is a hammer.


Ah, ok.
Do the sword-related skills like "Expert Swordsman" combine with the Sword of Rezhebel?
VERY hard to say. Tried myself multiple times but that +1 damage is really hard to calculate with all the RNG and crits going on. It should.