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    I know skaven casters can be quite powerful (I dont use them though so unsure how good they are) havent used or came up against witch hunters yet.

    But I feel a magic should get a tad buff, kinda.

    A magic buff/ a stat that can tell the strength of magic for the user would be great.
    As such it would effect how well spells are given off (what I am recomending is a actual numerical number instead of just % buffs with upgrades)
    But the real benefit would be...
    Being able to add a magic resistance statline.
    This could be high for units like Ghouls, and Flagellants.
    This would mean now armour wouldnt stop magic (maybe entirely maybe just limits how effective it can be)

    The positives would mean these two models now are more useful at higher levels,
    And so are casters, as the high armour high damaging units can now be countered by magic,
    Thus creating more varient in warbands at higher levels.

    Then the negatives would be
    Alot of programming,
    And also that the spells instead of percentage representations when purchasing them would make no sense (solition maybe descibe 'casting difficulty:... very low, low, moderate, high, very high')

    What would your thoughts be on this?
    Would it help or hinder, just a thought I have scribbled down, definetly needs polishing if it were to be an addition.
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    I'm not opposed to a magical strength concept, or a magic resistance stat. I've seen them work well in other games, and it definitely adds a layer a depth.

    As you say, I think the major hurdle would be the reprogramming that would need to happen. Especially since a fair amount of what you are describing is already in the game in one form or another, and this would require a change in direction.

    There is a magic immunity spell coming with the warrior priest, and both the sisters of sigmar and the cult of possessed have skills/mutations that resist magic as well, so there is something to look forward to if you want help shutting down the casters.
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    Magic resistence could be a good concept to add, although I think we should wait until Sisters, Possessed and the warrior priest come out to better understand what options are available to counter magic. But there may be other ways that are simpler to program to incorporate the same concept such as:

    1) Adjusting the success casting rate as you mentioned above, although I believe this is already done well.
    2) Skill tests to avoid or reduce damage - similar to a strength test avoiding the Doom spell, perhaps an initiative test to avoid the fireball or warpflame spell
    3) Adding gear that adds a chance to resist magic. In the TT game, if you are super luck there is this one armor that makes you immune to magic, but that may imbalance the mobile game.

    IMO, the best current spells are really non-damage spells with the exception of Undead so I don't think there is an imbalance today. The best/use spells that can really win you the game:
    Mercs - Flight spell: the mobility and tactical options that this gives can not be understated. Getting the alpha strike at the right moment could easily give you the game.
    Undead - Doom: a lucky kill on a key opponent equals game over. I've been lucky on killing a vampire with this :)
    Skaven - Sorcerers Curse: Reducing the opponent's defense by 30 so that you can kill at the right time

    Skaven magic can be powerful but I don't think it's unbalanced as most of their kills come from their 100 attacks and not magic. Warpflame - this has the lowest success rate to cast and is easy to minimize the damage if you spread out your characters, or get them into close combat so the Skaven gets hit too. The Rat carpet spell can hurt if you are unarmored but I thought they had toned the damage down on that spell.
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    Yes it is in the game in one way or another already.
    But I have heard people saying spell casters are weak at higher levels (I dont know of this, but from my experiemce they are a very niche unit, that when used well is always effective)
    But a magic resistance value, a value or skill that dulls or eliminates the power of magic would be helpful to buff ghouls and flagelants.
    This would give them another role and keep diversity even in higher rated warbands.
    It could legit just be an 'immunity to damaging magic' or something along those lines.

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