Major lock up bug

Whilst going through the required rigmarole of the opening intro and buying a new crew I have encountered a game dumping loop and by dumping I mean the only only visible solution to the problem is to dump the game entirely and reinstall. So the problem arises after having purchased 1 or 2 crew but then exiting the game amd restarting. The game brings back to that same instance in the tavern where you must buy a crew but now the problem is that: 1) You don't have enough money to buy another crew - or - 2) There aren't enough crew to buy to exit the scene because some the crew have now simply vanished and are no longer available to buy - or - 3) Crew you bought before are no longer counted as being purchased or have vanished and, again, you can't exit the tavern until you have 2 purchased crew.
You can't exit the scene. There is no way, in game, to get out of the loop, except to, as I said, dump the game entirely and reinstall. But the problem with that "solution" is that I will lose my other saved group. My "premo" crew that I have spent fate on for healing, bringing back to life, not to mention the 2 premo dudes I spent fate on. So, basically, I am stuck. I can't play unless I want to throw away actual money spent making a good crew. I will be reporting this to Apple and most likely asking for a refund of all money spent.

Ewan Lamont

Staff member
Hi Lance can you drop us an email on outlining what we need to do to replicate your problem. Please try and avoid reinstalling as it just wipes your warband data which is stored on your device. We may be able to recover it but it is a bit convoluted.