Making Raids Pay

Ewan Lamont

Staff member

A few players have commented on the forums that there are some times in the game where you hit a “speed bump” things are going great, you are really progressing racking up the resources and then wham one really difficult raid and you are out of troops, out of luck and vulnerable to attack.
We had designed the game so that there were four ways to help this situation:
  1. Use credits to rebuild you army and get revenge on the dirty scav that killed all your guys
  2. If you build farms, maintain your base and upgrade you harvester you should be earning more than 1000 resources a day
  3. Build cheap scavs and go raiding… just for scavenging not to capture the harvester
  4. As you lose raids you start to get matched up against easier foes
That said it is happening to too many people (including us) so as of today we have made a few changes which we think will make the game a lot more enjoyable:
  • · Units that can scavenging will now scavenge as a free action every time they move. This should get you lots more resources even if you retreat.
  • · Units wrecked in raids return home and can be repaired
  • · Wrecks being towed in raids are captured when the raid ends. You can now move an hitch in one action as well to make this easier.
  • · Forests and scrub will give you resources if you munch them up with the Harvester. Be careful though they will give you more in the long run through normal harvesting so only do this if they are in the way or you are desperate for cash!
Happy raiding – I’m now off to pillage your base... I hope you do the same

Let us know how these changes work out for you.