Matchmaking Mess


Since the recent updates I decided to start a new warbands and wish I hadn't bothered, the new matchmaking system appears to be a complete disaster.
I've played a number of games and am either facing opponents I'm much higher than and gain no experience from or warbands much higher than me, giving me no chance to compete. I'm assuming the problem stems from the inclusion of equipment, my warbands is currently the captain with Visored Helm, Elven Bow & Hand Axe and a Marksman with Longbiw & knife.

It seems to me the only solution in the current iteration of the game is not to purchase any of the good gear until your members are of a high level and hopefully by then the number of warbands around your rating is large enough to provide more even games. Currently starting out like this is tedious, counter intuitive and a waste of time.