May 20 New Update in the Underhive!

Ewan Lamont

Staff member
We have released a new update today mainly focused on making graphics work better on smaller devices.

Changes include:
- Added graphics quality options
- Added automatic language detection
- Changed how aborted battles deal with injuries
- Improved item power balance
- Improved spawn zones on some maps
- Improved performance of diorama scenes
- Improved performance during battles


are Injuries permanent now? my leader have -5 wounds. Í used favour to heal him but he still have the -5W penatly
When they are permanent now, then it doesn't make sense when you have the possibility to heal it for favour. Then it should be a bug. Or you just reduced the time the ganger is not available.


I think the problem is it seems favour after battle would heal both recovery time and injuries, however it seems that after battle if you use favour it only removes recovery time. Then if you put that ganger in the Rogue Doc you can also heal the injuries for more favour :(

Would I've know I would have only used favour at the doc as I don't mind having them unavailable for a few cycles.
I think it's intentional. To teduce the recovery time, you need one fafor per turn. It is only possible to heal an injury at the doc. At the doc you can also reduce the recoverytime for, I guess, 300 coins per turn.

Ewan Lamont

Staff member
Only "heal all" used to be available but as injuries mounted up this started to look quite brutal. The recent changes allow you to heal the injury time or any of the permanent effects (or both) and the option to use credits for all the time.