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Ive had two very long battles today which went on for some time, the only thing I wondered if there was a way to offer a ceasefire and potentially become friends and allies, thus allowing movement over the territory. Not suggesting an actual messaging system as I fear that would be open to abuse, but some way of sending a preformated peace request.

This would then allow you to choose your friends and enemies, it also opens up a whole stream of backstabbing possibilities.

Gavin Rummery

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Hi Nic, this is a very interesting idea. When we set out to make Year 0 we had visions of a global war with factions and alliances developing. But this proved a bit too epic a goal!

But we did toy early on with the idea of allowing two players to co-exist on a map. Effectively you can already do this by not fighting and both just doing a bit of scavenging, but a more formal way of calling a truce and perhaps then sharing the harvest could be very interesting (until one of you decides to take that harvester for yourself...)

What do other people think?