Miner’s Helmet


How important is it to have? Trying to decide whether or not to replace it.

Dwarf Noble with Miner’s Helmet: Wounds (14) WS (70) S (55) D (93) I (45) Ld (97)

Dwarf Clansman with Ranger’s Hat and Long Rifle: Wounds (14) BS (63) S (47) D (67) I (35) Ld (89)

Spotting enemies is always something of a challenge. But at the same time, more defense is a life saver. For the noble, is his Miner’s Helmet worth it? And for the clansman, is it better to have the Ranger’s Hat?


Hmm. I think it's for sure worth it on the noble, as the benefit of armor is capped at 90 (someone correct me if I'm wrong on this). Going over 90 is really nice to mediate armor reducing effects, but as most people at higher warband ratings are carrying comet mauls or skull hammers that max your armor at 20, the extra armor isn't super relevant. As for the Clansman, that's up to you. I would say that the extra sight (especially if your noble goes down) is pretty relevant, while at that high of a ballistic skill the 5 more isn't game changing. That's up to you though.