Mining Helm!

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    Mining Helm is now available for the Dwarf Treasure Hunters!

    These well-made helmets are typically worn by Dwarf miners, like their pickaxes they are well made in order to protect the wearer from cave ins or an attack from any tunnel dwelling foe, be it goblin or Skaven. The dull light of the candles help the Dwarf miner see a bit further for any possible hazards further ahead such as a filthy Raki ambush.

    Other Changes:
    Fixed an issue which was causing characters to block tiles below them
    Fixed Lure of Chaos issue
    Fixed underdog bug for PvP hosts
    Tweaked bow SFX
    Fixed terrain issues blocking movement
    Fixed skull shield's dwarven faction theme

    Download the update on Browser, Android and Apple.

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    Looks great! Can't wait to try this out. :D

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