Mission Upgrades!

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    This week’s release will be focused on changes to Missions. This includes:
    • Objectives will now change colour to indicate which team is controlling them
    • The Rout bar will now flash red to indicate when a warband is below the rout threshold
    • The rating required for early campaign missions has now been lowered
    • Breakthrough and Streetfight now only require a single warrior to make it to the objective to win the game
    • Adjusted the chances of each mission appearing to increase the variety of game modes
    • The Rout bar will now automatically drop by 5% after every turn
    • Reworked pickups for each map
    Other changes include, Hammer of Sigmar will now buff the caster's weapon when they are wielding a hammer.

    Head over to the Appstore right now to download the latest update http://onelink.to/75hkpy!

    After this release, we have 2 major updates. Make sure to follow us on social media to find out more!
  2. Algirdas25 Corporal

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    Hammer of Sigmar now buff weapon if that weapon is hammer, good
    Can we Have similar thing for sword of razhabel?
  3. Jesse Shaffer Major

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    My prayers to Sigmar have been answered!
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  4. Trapsinger Brigadier

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    While I have to agree that it is definitely "hammer time" The real prize in this update is definitely the mission changes. I love the color change on the circles, and the change to only needing to get one model to the far side of breakthrough and street fight. I actually find that I'm playing breakthrough and street fight to achieve the victory conditions again, instead of just routing my opponent like i've been doing for a while. Really positive changes to the game.
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  5. Fistandantilus Corporal

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    I agree, that will definitely make that a playable mission now, thanks

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