Mordheim Latest Live Release! (Auto Save & Better Opponent Info)

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  1. Prabdeep Bazaz

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    Hi guys, we have a new update for you coming out today! Keep an eye on the app store to see when the update is available to download!




    1. Enhanced PVP Notification -
    • Notifications will appear more often and take you straight to the Town Cryer
    • They will show the minimum number of shards that can be won from a mission
    • Your opponents Warband rating will be shown in ( ) after their name if you're the attacker
    • If there is a substantial rating difference between you and your opponent, the "XP Survival Bonus" and the "Reduced Injury Chance" will be shown

    2. All Games will now have an "Auto-Save" feature. All game actions including Injuries and Deaths will be saved to the server as and when they happen. This should reduce the chance of deliberate disconnects, making PVP sessions more enjoyable

    If you have any feedback on the latest update please let us know! Reply to this thread or create a new one about what you like/dislike about the new update!
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  2. DTay88 Private

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    So this autosave is for all matches not just pvp?
  3. Amaan Shawkath Quality Assurance

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    It's for all matches
  4. NgNg Corporal

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    Thank you, I like the new features.

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