Mordheim Revealed! (New Update Available)


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We have a new update for you all! Read the notes below to find out what's in this weeks update. Keep an eye on the store and make sure you download the latest version as soon as it becomes available on your device.


From Rat Catcher Alley to Executioners Square, see the ruined city in full glory! Alongside other improvements, we have added a map of the city to the Town Cryer screen. You can see all visited and unvisited locations and can read about each area to see what they have to offer. Every so often, as your Warband rating increases, you will unlock new areas of the city.

- Added map view to Town Cryer
- Added new location notification
- Fixed issues with Market Square battle environment
- Fixed issues with Executioner's Square battle environment
- Fixed Battle Drums SFX volume
- Fixed location names on mission buttons
- Fixed issues with Giant Rats

If you have any feedback for us please let us know, set up your own thread if you wish to go into greater detail on what you like/dislike about the new update!

Have you visited all 50 battle maps, including the Dreaded Pit?!