Mordheim: Warband Skirmish on Microsoft Store!

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    Set during a brutal civil war, command a small fantasy warband searching for valuable shards of the comet that destroyed the city of Mordheim. Multiplayer, turn-based, arena strategy right at your fingertips, you’ll have the freedom to play how YOU want to play.

    Mordheim: Warband Skirmish has just been released on the Microsoft Store!

    The Nintendo Switch version of the game is now available on the Microsoft store retailing at £14.99.

    Features included in this premium version:

    All 8 Original Warbands
    Cross Platform Play
    Optimisations for Windows PC
    Controller Support
    Free access to Premium Warbands when released

    Purchase the Premium Version on the Microsoft Store

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  2. Algirdas25 Major

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    Great news! Will we be able to use our Android account there? Or crossplay refers just to PvP?
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    this is UNFAIR
    For less than U$S 4 you can get all the band on Microsoft store, but in adroid for the same amounth you only can get 10 fate.
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    With present exchange rates, 14.99 British pounds sterling is just under 19 US dollars. I’m not sure where got the $4.00 USD from. As a guy who always buys hired swords with fate on mobile, the gold prices for most of them are just too high for someone with my patience level. No doubt that is by design. For the Switch version (which is what this is) they got rid of fate but kept gold prices the same and the result is actually an inferior experience overall. It’s still fun but, since they haven’t introduced a compensating mechanic, no fate also means no resurrection. A small unfinished warband can take 30 matches or more to earn enough gold for one hired sword. That’s an awful lot of grind for something that can be permanently damaged or killed during its first match.

    The rest of the game is still great though and, to those who don’t think they’ll mind what I described above, I encourage you to buy it. Hopefully they’ll add resurrection back into the game in time for the possessed. Should that happen, however, I’ll have to check the temperature of hell. I’m expecting it to be quite cold.
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    Awesome! glad to see you made PVP cross platform!

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