Necromunda Early Access Update - Australia and Malaysia!

Prabdeep Bazaz

Social Media Manager
Staff member
Australia and Malaysia have been added to the Early Access! If you are located in any of these countries, you are now able to download the official Necromunda: Gang Skirmish! (Android only).

A new early access update for Necromunda: Gang Skirmish is also available now on Google Play and AppStore!

This update contains various fixes and improvements throughout the game.

Changes include:

Fixed Power Values for some items
Fixes Power Hammer
Fixed Skip button on cycle continue
Fixed Grapple hook issues
Fixed Stash load crash
Fixed Avatar load issues
Fixed issue with Pinning not cancelling Overwatch
Fixed Weapon slot icon
Fixed Weapon sounds
Fixed some two-handed weapons when pistols equipped
Fixed Product Button icon
Combat changes
UI Improvements/Fixes
Animation Improvements/Fixes
General Bug Fixes​