Need help for the Wiki

I've revised the Hired Swords page :

Only 3 blanks to fill :
  • Pit Fighter in Witch Hunters?
  • Pit Fighter in Dwarves?
  • Ogre in Witch Hunters?
Thanks to @Shangular, the chart is now complete! :)

I've done a comprehensive chart to make it easier to understand. I think it's pretty nice! :)
I'll eventually do the Augur's page, but I'll badly need help for the Beastman and Possessed. I don't have the Cult of the Possessed, and have no clue about these Hired Swords.

Also, I've tried adding a comprehensive chart on the Factions page :
But I don't like it much. The format seems wrong. Suggestions welcome.
I'm done with the Factions page, except for Dwarves and Possessed. I still need help for these. I know nothing about these, and don't intend to buy them. I don't mind their entries being empty, but it's poor service for the community. Anyone?

I'm particularly proud of the Comparison Chart, at the bottom of the Factions page. I hope it will help anyone getting a better and quick understanding of the different factions.

Also, I have completely revised the Skaven page. I added their stats there (and will eventually remove them from the Leaders and Henchmen pages), and added tips and clues about Rat Handling, Skaven Weapons, Skaven Magic and their Hired Swords.

Finally, I did the Sisters of Sigmar page, following the exact same format.

I think both are pretty complete, but I would like people to have a look and comment so I can improve these pages... or just tell me if you like them the way they are. :)

Next step is add some images to Skaven and Sisters, complete the pages for Sisters Special Skills and do the Human Mercenaries.


Good job on both the Skaven and Sisters, just a couple of suggestions and comments:

1) At the beginning I think we need to clarify that they start with -10 WS and BS but can eventually reach the same max level as a human. I know you mention that they get 8 skill increases vs 6, but for newbies, dont' want to confuse them to thinking that the -10 applies in end game. Perhaps add the word "start with...."

2) At the bottom of Why to choose Sisters, need to correct the +20% additional Dodge, (I assume you mean Aegis of Sigmar) against ranged to -20.


1) Black Fury Spell: I think this can be moved up to the other section. Playing my Skavs a bit more, I like this when facing low defense opponents (such as wizard captains) or if my Sorcerer already cast Curse on the target. Also having a 12 movement can be useful in treasure hunt scenarios.

2) Warplock pistols: May be worth noting that unlike throwing stars, pistols can be shot into close combat :)

3) For Packmasters, I think I'd emphasize that they start out with built up skills (WS) and can access the same skills as a normal verminkin. We know that, but if the audience is a newbie, it would be good to note that as I think it's worth buying them now (originally no because you can't change gear).
Thanks a lot for your collaboration. I updated the wiki with the proposed changes. I've let Black Fury where it was, however.
  1. You get no speed boost if Move is already 6/6 (normally the case at the level where you unlock that spell).
  2. Multiple Curses stack!
  3. Curse expires the moment the caster's next turn begins. You're generally better casting Curse again.
  4. If you want to deal damage, Gnawdoom and Warpfire are generally better for Eshin Sorcerer.
Black Fury remains a very narrow spell, mainly useful until Sorcerer gets M 6/6 or low Defence opponents. These exist, but a Skaven spellcaster is better investing its skill points in the other better spells first, IMHO.

BTW, I'm done revising the pages of Reiklanders and Middenheimers. You may have a look and share your thoughts!


The information above on Black Fury is incorrect in that it does give you more movement which is important in situations to ensure the alpha strike. I have a lot more respect for this spell since testing out my Skaven lately. For Curse, one is enough and I have my sorcerer who has a lower initiative than my assassin cast it so that it is in effect when my assassin charges. But see the pictures below. The first is without anything. See movement is behind the shadow. 3870A3AF-66D3-4215-B884-F765680617A2.jpeg

Now see with Black Fury, I can move past the shadow.

Now see with Black Fury and Black Hunger :)D7BE02B0-30D2-4C2E-961A-EE1F0C580C05.jpeg
You are right. It seems that Black Fury boosts Movement by +1/+1 if already at 6/6. What probably happens is that it replaces basic Move to 6/6, and then Gutter Runner’s upgrade is applied (and Black Hunger’s). I’ll edit the wiki accordingly later today.

Also, Ricky Bobby Shake N Bake? :D


Here: it's still written, that Elf Rangers can be hired by the Sisters of Sigmar what is wrong.
That's incorrect. Only Mercs and Witch Hunters can hire elf rangers, just like in the TT version. Unfortunately Cyberaddict, who was gracious enough to maintain and build the wiki stopped playing the game and no one has taken up the mantle to be the keeper of the wiki site.