New equipment

Ok, just to take a break from my constant bitching about AI... how about introducing new equipment?
I'd definitely like to see:
- Duelling pistols
- repeater pistols
- Rapiers

Most of all I'd like to see old tabletop M equipment such as: lucky charm (one hit ignored). rabbit foot (reroll of some kind?), holy relic (first fear test passed), etc. I think items that are not consumables would be really cool in general - there are 4 empty pouch slots! why not fill them with goodies?

Adam Smith

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Non consumable items were always on the cards, somehow they've fallen by the way side. Definitely something we'll look into after the next release.
I dont know if new equipment is necessary for weapons and armor. Pistols however only have 1 item so there is room there. Dueling pistols yeah Id like to see them. They would be somewhat unique as Dueling Pistols accuracy IMPROVE accuracy by about 15%.

Rapiers...err I dont know if they have any point here as their original state was a pretty bad idea as a weak sword that is better at parrying. You can get cheap swords with 20% parry that combines with Web of Steel and a shield, and you can get higher with a Reik Sword or Ithilmar sword.

Hunting Arrrows are something that exists here, but they are bad. Theyre consumables that have increased critical chance. Originally they werent consumables but permanent equipment. They increased the overall damage. It would be interesting to see them add +1 to all Bow damage for the equipped character. It would work well whether you have a basic Longbow or a rare Elven Longbow.

Edit: A permanent Superior Gunpowder seems necessary the higher you go. trying to give your whole team Hochland Long rifles is too expensive.


Regarding the duellingpistols:
I feel that a pistolier type of character is too weak in MHWS. In the original game however could become quite impressive with a pair a duellingpistols, eagle eyes and superior gunpowder, firing two shots with a strength of five and a range of 16'.
So if you add duellingpistols, you might give them a higher range in additon to better accuracy.

Chaos is right when he writes that superior gunpowder and hunting arrows are too expensive. The only consumable item that I use time and again is healing herbs as an insurance . The rest ist just too expensive, because using them costs more than than you earn in a single fight.


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Any thoughts on how we could improve the current pricing system of consumables? Feel free to make a list that I can then forward onto the team.
Well use the Mordheim rulebook.

Even without that there is the simple fact that ALL the consumables costs more than what you can earn in matches and being consumables means you can expend them in great quantities. Its impossible in the current economy to afford even one item, let alone enough for a full team, or multiple on each character.

On the other hand I dont want to see the game devolve into who has the most consumables determining matches, but I also dont want the idea of items to be useless otherwise. Prevent the AI from using them.

Without some massive changes to make Warband Skirmish's economy closer to its progenitor theres not much way you can do things without causing catastrophic changes to current player warbands.

Please make permanent items cost gold. Like 100 gold for permanent Superior Gunpowder or Hunting Arrows. Those are relatively small permanent bonuses, and the work in conjunction with current equipment with little possibility of major problems instead of patching likely unbalanced changes to buff/nerf weapons.

Oh PS: Why are my Hochland Long Rifles unable to reach 84% accuracy at 24 squares or ever?


There are different ways to change it:
One would be to easily cut the prices of most objects by half. This should just do the trick. If a strong consumable costs around 20 and you earn around 35 Gold you've still made a small profit. Then players might consider taking a little mandrake or crimson shades from time to to time.
Another possibility would be simply dropping more consumables on the map. If I have it because I found it, well, then I might as well use it.
Healing herbs are fine by the way.

Talking about prices. Can we expect some special offers in the near future in the store?
As far as the costs of the drugs go, I thought the higher price is ok, since the drugs do not have the potential for addiction like in the old game.

Permanent items, as suggested by chaos, is a good idea. Not sure how it would work in implementation on the programmers end, but certainly it's a worthy idea. If not permanent, then maybe with a number of charges before running out, such as having a quiver of twenty hunting arrows, use at will but the number will fall until all gone.

One thing I've noticed is that using healing herbs doesn't affect the remaining morale, so apart from keeping a warrior alive at the cost of a turn which could be better used slugging it out, they do seem a little useless. Mind you, I always have some handy, so......?

In my opinion, ...., the costs of the drugs and consumed items are maybe just a little high, by about five to ten crowns. Halving the price could imbalance things toward flagrant drug use, it would be like trainspotting only not as polite.

I have noticed the AI doesn't use items, not that I've been made aware of at least. It'd probably add a nice random element of difficulty, yes I'm suggesting make it even harder, if the AI occasionally did pop a mushie or some shade. If the addiction mechanic was being used, and I do understand why it isn't, this could be massive amounts of extra fun.
Ai using disposables items has several problems. AI never has to replace the items so its just free boosters against every player that fights that team. That means AI would always have the advantage. Then say you have oh about 32 items across the team.

The drugs in particular are just massively effective and would easily cripple the game. Mandrake allows a 100% Defense combination. Green Herb, go from 1-5 hit points back to 17. Crimson Shade any one of its three effects would very useful and with all 3 its broken.

Now if you could STEAL them from the AI then maybe it would be interesting. The loot just sucks in this game. I still waiting to find one of the many ruined shops to find various weapons and armor. Does Legendary-Games know you can find armor in an Armorer shop?