New Game Mechanics involving "Territory Cooldown"

Firstly, earning creds x10 based on Rep received for the mission is awesome. This is a great mechanic and I applaud the Legendary Games team for implementing it.

Now, for the title. The mechanic for "Territory Cooldown" appears to be an hour for the Hab (I'll use it for this example). So I'm going to make a few assumptions;

1. Waiting the full hour will net you the maximum amount of creds, where this is "X". If one were to only wait say a half hour, the creds earned would be "X/2" I assume?

2. The timer is static from your last "farming" of it. If I attempt and fail to get creds off of the territory, the full hour worth of creds sits there until I pull off a victory.

3. The timer is attached to the territory and not the fighters assigned. For example; Bob, Doug, Frank, and Jim absolutely crush it with the Hab assignment and rake in fistfuls of creds, they're hitting up the local cantina for a bottle of second-best. Hearing how easy the 4 got their windfall, the gang's other members; Tony, John, Timmy, and Other Bob slot into the Hab to have their crack at it.

Now does the timer reset as they're fresh new bodies, or is it still counting down from the first 4's go at it?

4. Can anyone comfirm/deny that "Fixer" is at all useful in the new Hab mechanics?

5. Sometimes the counter says "1 hour", doesn't move at all even after a few minutes, and when I attempt the mission I get a full hour of creds. This is somewhat confusing as after a match, the counter is usually "57 mins", or "56 mins", giving the impression that it is counting down to the next time that the Hab will dole out a full load of creds. Am I to assume that "1 hour" really means "Ready", or "Full" in regards to the reward received?


1. Yes
2. Yes, if it’s ready it won’t reset until you win.
3. Yes. I’ve switched out ppl and timer doesn’t reset.
4. Yes, there is a thread and Legendary confirmed. However I don’t believe Fixer stacks of you have multiple ppl with it.
5. You should see the bar fill up as to gauge progress of timer.
Fixer seems to still do nothing. One dev here said it works but I'm not sure if it was even for the current version of the game hes talking about plus everybody else things it doesn't work. Either that or it doesn't stack as Shangular said as I get around the same amount of creds all the time. I really wish Legendary Games clarified some of their stuff so people dont buy a useless trait they saved up a long time for, and then screw themself over by making every single other trait more expensive after buying the trait that doesn't even work.

My Van Saar gang started with one guy having Fixer and in the previous version I made the exact amount of creds with or without him