New ogre weapon idea

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    Ogre weapons
    Main hand: cleaver, battle axe, mace, great axe and great hammer.
    Off-hand: pistol and morrs lantern.

    Not many weapons to choose from, and they aren' t really that good. You mostly want to get the best out of your big boi, so you give him great axe/hammer, because axe/cleaver/mace and pistol combo isn't versitale enough, you have to reload each damn turn, and lose potential melee dmg.

    Why not giving him a new off-hand weapon, like a SHIELD.
    Someting like a huge barn door, so he can hide behind it. Stats? Something like 13-18 defence and weight 2.

    Just to add some variety. Not OP cuz hammers and mauls exist.

    Your opinions?
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    or give ogre weapons a S bonus due to their size. It's not just a bigger lad swinging the thing.
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