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    New Training System is now available directly in the camp screen! Exchange your spare gold to level up your warriors! The Training system is useful for levelling up recently hired warriors.

    In response to player feedback, we’ve also reduced the rating of conditional skills. These include:
    • Unstoppable Charge
    • Augur’s Righteous Fury
    • Combat Master

    Head over to the Appstore right now to download the latest update!
  2. Paolo Nesti Corporal

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    I don't lire It, It i too simple to make levels.
    Delete it.

    Italian translation is awful and full of nonsenses.
    I offer to make it for you without paying me anything.
    Contact me to email
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  3. Shangular Major

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    Thank you for adjusting the 3 skills down. A suggestion for a couple skills that should be increased:

    1) Quick Recovery - being able to ignore stuns is under-estimate in value of combat potential.
    2) Flight - the tactical advantage this spell provides adds significant combat potential.
    3) Sprint - adding +1 Movement adds to your potential to get the first attack

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