New unit design competition - BATTLE HARVESTER


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Hello everyone, today I'm excited to announce the launch of a new competition. This one will involve designing the visual look for the new unit we want to release called the battle harvester.

The primary and sole purpose of this unit to to destroy enemies defenses. This focuses on cutting through walls quickly. This can look however you want it to look and we are really excited to see some of your designs.

Remember, you can be as creative as you want!
If you have any questions let me know!

The deadline for this - there is no deadline for now, so you have it least a few weeks.

Remembe there are some cool prized up for grabs here!

Good luck -


Design 1:
front limbs end in hands for scaling fortifications and ripping them apart
bucket wheel excavator (like harvester) for destroying walls.
retracting claws for manoeuvring over defences
jet booster for added force
two separately controlled Gatling guns for dealing with troublesome units
grappling hooks for extra lift when traversing over difficult terrain.
searchlight for use in dark spaces
security cameras are wired to the pilots optic nerves for improved vision
pilot is wired in to the machine in the cockpit.
design 2:
spider like structure with four giant reinforced shield legs, and four smaller legs for complex movement.
large legs can extend to reach higher points
the legs have a separate gripping clay with strong hydraulic reinforcement, meaning walls are easily scalable.
circular excavator at front turns defences to rubble with ease
mounted cannon for weakening defences and killing irritating troops
searchlight for darker areas
under mounted wheels in case legs cannot be used in the terrain
space for five men:
two to control movement using the pillaged security camera for visuals
one to act as lookout at the top
one to operate radio contact
one to use the cannon

Hope you like them :)


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These are pretty awesome! Could see us merging together a few of these vehicles to get what we're after!