New Warband Sisters of Sigmar Out Today

Ewan Lamont

Staff member

The Sisters are one of the most iconic warbands from Mordheim being the only warband that was totally unique to the City of Mordheim and this setting in the Warhammer Universe.

Their background story like everything in the Warhammer Universe has elements of tragedy and dark humour. For centuries the nobility of the Empire had sent its wayward or troublesome daughters to the Order of Merciful Sisters of Sigmar, to be initiated into the only Order of priestesses dedicated to the Empire's patron god. The order is part nunnery, part finishing school for “spirited” rich girls. The fact that their fortress survived the cataclysm and that the deposed Empress Magritta of Marienburg used to belong to the order has made them an object of hatred and suspicion by all the other human factions rather than the symbol of inspiration that they should have been. They are also the only faction that is trying to cleanse the city of the corrupting influence of Wyrdstone. If Hollywood ever made a film of Mordheim the Sisters would be the only goodies and would save the city. This is Warhammer, not Hollywood though, tragically we know the Sisters fail in their quest and by the End Times, the order has long ceased to be.

We have spent a long time in development trying to capture their unique and iconic feel and make them quite different from the Mercenaries and Witch Hunters. Each Warband is led by a Matriarch, an accomplished warrior that is more than a match for any mercenary captain, blessed with prayers of Sigmar. They lead a band of young novices each just emerging from their cloistered life to take on the forces of evil. All Sisters have access to unique Sigmarite weaponry, all academic skills and a set of unique skills not available to any other Warband. Playstyle wise the novices can start of fragile, but they are soon tooled up and skilled up and become combat monsters, especially against the natural enemies of man (Skaven, Chaos and Undead). The healing ability of the Matriarch is especially useful. Their only weakness is shooting, not being allowed to “draw blood” the only missile weapon they have access to is a sling. So, all strategies need to involve closing with the enemy as fast as possible.
We hope you enjoy playing with them and against them. May the best man/woman/creature/thing win.

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Great job! Love playing with women with whips. But where are the leather outfits? I think there’s a bug, the leader is named a matriarch not a mistress, oh wait nvm wrong game.