New Warbands!

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The new release has some important fixes and improvements, but the big news is that the Possessed will soon be entering Alpha test and they won’t be the last warband! GW have authorised us to go beyond the original 8. Have your say on what you think our 9th warband should be here -

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Dwarf Treasure Hunters all the way! :D

Also please don't do some of the more awful Town Cryer warbands with no reason to be searching for Wydstone in or geographical proximity to Mordheim, and horrendous unbalanced, untested rules (I'm looking at you Shadow Warriors!)


The dwarfs and orcs are obvious choices, but i voted for wood elfes because i would love to see them in mortheim.
So after the possessed warband i would really enjoy the elfen scout as a mercanary, he is the last missing mercanary of the original game ...


Amazons just cause...i know we are getting Dwarfs, but we kinda need more Evil in the mix...3 main humans 2 extra holy humans. Vs rats, zombies, demidemons soon. 5 vs 3, Orc & Gobs would be interesting, though i dont remember their TT being really well designed then. But easy fixable. True the Carnival was interesting i recall kinda possessed in some fashion.
What about a full Chaos Marauders WB form norse. Wood elves and the Breton freelancer with horse! hiredswords! I do remember the Elves WB being very OP, as it was.
But realistically

Orks & Goblins (Maybe they could be separate WBs, night goblins...) need the trolls! Animosity! Lol
Thought Amazons were cool, but their lore was pretty iffy still have figures. More Sister Power

And dont recall using beastmen, but they are a pretty solid lore, storyline as they are everywhere and would make sense, them getting in on the action, for all the fun, hunting wbs for food, wyrd for their C.God of the day.

Still like a Chaos Warriors WB, not sure there was one.