Offline Shopping

I live out in the boonies (literally), so my home does not have internet, I usually do whatever I need to do on the internet during the day at a different place. I don't know if there is any sort of possibility of doing this, or if it would even be worth the time it would take to do it, but this is an issue I've been bumping into occasionally.

First, I bought some coins to get the Skaven DLC. Got it, boom... done... Mucho coins left.
-- Downloads update --
-- Goes home --

-- you must have internet connection --
...... well shit.

Guy laid out for three games... FATE COIN YAY!
-- you must have internet connection --

Fix an old injury with fate coins
-- you must have internet connection --

This is frustrating to say the least when I'm at home and I've got no connection with which to spend my coins. Is it not possible to 'bank' transactions while offline, and synchronize with the server whenever a connection becomes available again? or is there too much potential for abuse or error to consider this as a possibility?

None of this in any way has stopped me from playing the game, that's for sure... But it does make my fate coins a little less useful when I want to buy a Rat Ogre, or prevent said rat ogre from dying after a game and having to buy another (when I get wifi again). What it does do though, is make it a bit harder to play the game (with fate coin use) in non-connected environments such as in a car, plane, train, etc. I know in this day and age it's not terribly difficult to find internet in civilization... But for those of us that avoid civilization as much as humanly possible, wifi isn't always a few clicks on a touch pad away.


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I can't say whether this would be a possibility or not, without actually discussing this with the team. But I can certainly raise this up so that we can discuss this next time we're all in the office!

I understand how frustrating this must be for you, having no internet when you're at home. The reason why we require an internet connection is that you need to communicate with our server in order to make a transaction successfully!
Right, I understand the necessity of the internet connection to make a transaction for, say, coins or DLC. But, once you buy the coins, at that point would it be possible to cache the use of the coins internally, and simply make a queue to be processed the next time an internet connection is present.

Thinking about it, use of coins for healing, reviving, and DLC purchase. Depending on the data structures used to save warband data (and the security of said data structures in a save file), it could be part of the warband data. Locally cache the coin transaction, all you'd have to check for is availability of coins which I can tell by playing is already in the data structure somewhere because I can see my available coins while offline.

The biggest concern would be making sure it couldn't be manipulated and changed in the local data file.