Orc suggestion


Your correct is earned, still a hired sword like the freelance knight. Basically a skilled dude option. Cave squid agree,
Troll is fun though, big, stupid and always hungry!!!

would love to see skilled goblins but the orcs would put down the upstarts


I agree with both posters above. The troll as a pet for only the leader would be a great addition, so would a squig herder as a goblin hired sword (with maybe two pet slots for squigs? or one equipped pet being two squigs on the field? or his equipped squig prodder giving him a free squig pet?)

Also: Should the orcs have some kind of blunt/club weapon? Smasha and Great Smasha? Maybe just translate the Ogre ones?

And: Why don't orcs have access to Garlic or Rope and Hook as items? Is there a reasoning behind that? or just an accidental omission?