Perspective of Cost of a Gang


I've seen comments of people being put off because it cost 200 credits or $8 to purchase a new gang. But here's another way to look at this where technically, if you put in the time (either put in money or time to get something done, that's how life works anyways), you can get a free gang every month.

Every day, you get 1 - 5 Favour. So in a week, assuming you start with 1 Favor on Sunday, that's 18 Favour. Then you also get Favour from Guilders every day (like a daily task common in many mobile games today). This is where it will take work to level up your Guilders. Mine is currently at Level 6 so I get 6 Favour every day that I run this = 42/week. Plus the 18 favor from just logging in, that's 60 Favor a week. Easily you can get a free gang every month which is reasonable.

So if you're on a budget, just like Mordheim, this game does offer one of the better pay mechanisms compared to other mobile games today.