Perspective of Cost of a Gang


I've seen comments of people being put off because it cost 200 credits or $8 to purchase a new gang. But here's another way to look at this where technically, if you put in the time (either put in money or time to get something done, that's how life works anyways), you can get a free gang every month.

Every day, you get 1 - 5 Favour. So in a week, assuming you start with 1 Favor on Sunday, that's 18 Favour. Then you also get Favour from Guilders every day (like a daily task common in many mobile games today). This is where it will take work to level up your Guilders. Mine is currently at Level 6 so I get 6 Favour every day that I run this = 42/week. Plus the 18 favor from just logging in, that's 60 Favor a week. Easily you can get a free gang every month which is reasonable.

So if you're on a budget, just like Mordheim, this game does offer one of the better pay mechanisms compared to other mobile games today.


I agree with you, you can get that favor without spending any real money. But even though I feel that favor prices are too high.

Maybe I'm too old to understand DLC pricing, but I usually don't buy games as soon as they are released so I'm not used to spend more than 20-30€ in a full PS4 game or 10-20€ in a full PC one. I must say I've bought many full steam games for less than 10€ that I've not even installed, but I have never bought cosmetic DLCs and I don't remember buying a DLC expansion for more than 4-5€ other than Horizon Zero expansion and it was almost a full game for 20€. When talking about mobile games and applications I've bought quite a few, but I don't think I've ever paid more than 5€ for any of them.

I'm not saying those prices are reasonable, as I don't know how much developing a mobile, PC or PS4 game costs, I'm just saying those are the prices I'm used to. I also don't know if I'm just too old to understand how DLCs work these days or if I'm the only one feeling this way. But for me paying 9€ a single gang for a mobile game is just too much. If the whole game was 5€ I would have bought it for sure, I think being free is too good, but maybe this is the way games work nowadays. And having a gang for 2-3€ I would have paid it, not cause I need them as favor can be earned easily enough if you are not in a hurry, but cause it would be a good way to support the game. However 9€ for a single DLC gang is too much for me (or at least for what I'm used to).

I would probably end up buying 100 favour cause I want to support the game and that's what I would have paid for it, but not cause I think it is a reasonable price for half a gang DLC.