Pets: Hounds;Direwolfs especially fix, improvement

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    Many focusing on the Doogie Pets, seems to me the zombie and rats, work out pretty good for their price and resummoning/harvesting factors.

    However same cant be said for the warhounds,witchhounds,Direwolfs. Expensive and very quickly worthless in a warband, considering the ridiculously high death after battle rate. They are very quickly of no use in a warband 500+

    For the human warbands,expect witchhunter Captain you need to buy a skill for this pet that then is worthless,
    But for the witch hunter warband the templars need to buy a skill to get it, but they r so weak that getting that easry on, isnt import, than when u can, witch hounds are worthless.

    But lets face it we all love these pets, we just want them to workout.

    So the clear and obvious issues, they r pretty pricey for what you get, for some thing that can Die die way too too easy. (Eg. i just tested a run with WH, in 7 battles the WHound was KOed and 5 were killed after battle) why do i want to buy this skill for my human Captain mercenaries? Just to be frustrated and stop using them. And to boot if you say in early game they can be helpful, trueish but u dont get the xp from their kill, which Id reconsider for skill bought slot pets that arnt too OP, eg. not a rat ogre.

    Now the direwolfs still i thing r too pricey but atlest u get to use magic and raise them in battle which is tacticaly of use. And I think with the new up date more than the Vampire can equip them, and they dont need to buy a skill to do so. Yet the direwolf still has some of the issues below. But maybe it could be said to be in check?balance cuz of whati said above, but i still found they died way too often after battle.

    Ok. AI, issues, and sidenote, (just tryied halfing very recently last night with his pet, and he gets thrown into this pretty much) Doggies and their ridiculous long charge range = suicide=stupid= waste of my skill point,game money, maybe real money on token bought(still dont get y theses) and usally ruins any strategy i might have been setting up. So to some possible solutions and hope for others.

    1: Dogs have a set free option, ie let them off the leash, order your “trained” dog to attack before running 16-18? Range? Sure have a more realistic minimal attack range without 4-5, you to close to my owner, or its a leadership test, now i have a pet of use, maybe.

    2: Dev, love your game, make more money, just add the ads video to bring pet back, but dont know what and make them die every time. Especially if i buy a token pet, u better give me this opportunity.

    3: could the human hounds, maybe slowly get stronger as your owners lvl does idk ever 5 or 10lvl a buff to stats to a pet equipped to that hero. And yes the Ranking Power should increase accordingly. Just be nice to see my dog last a nano sec in a 1500+ battle (just multiple the starting value each increase or so?)

    4: just off again that halfing pet should hang with your halfing buddy not go off soloing a warband on his own. He loves food, but he isnt a animal pet or skaken warp creation. Should know hide in shadows and not charge alone lol

    5:mentioned before but this is the list, remove the skill purchase required if nothing else or much changes ie for mercenaries Captains, and WH templars.

    Well thats my list atm anyway i hope some have even better ideas, and more importantly that Devs you all will consider it and make it happen.

    Who doesnt love fighting pets! FREE XP KILLs lol, if that is how most r considered then give them a break on the after death toll ;)

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