Possessed, Beastmen, or Ogres.

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Jay, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Jay Private

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    Running a possessed warband and it's hired sword time. I know the chaotic nature of mutations and whatnot, so assuming I get an average result of mutations on beastmen or possessed, which of the three hired swords is best? They all fulfill a similar role, melee, though some are more damage-based and equipment savvy than others. Which do you prefer?
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    Possessed hired swords are trash. Just level your henchmen into possessed instead. (Added bonus of still counting as a henchman so you can have magister + 3 possessed + hired swords)

    Ogres are more defensive and Beastmen are more offense. I like a mix on my possessed warbands. Magister, three Possessed, an ogre, a beastman then fill in with what you want. Warlocks are good too.
  3. Shangular Major

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    To powergame, the 4 ogres has been a tried and true recipe ever since Ogres were introduced. But perhaps you may want to add one Beastman wielding a comet maul since Possessed have a harder time damaging heavy armor opponents.

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