Possessed - how to get mutations

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    I’ve returned to the game after a long time away. I’ve started a Possessed war and. How to I get mutations? I have taken the Dark Pact skill but all mutations are still locked. All it has done is kill one of my brethren. Thanks.
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    Dark pact works as follows:
    • Every rank you take has a chance to kill the model, fail, give a random mutation or turn the model into a possessed.
    • Later ranks have a higher chance of mutation and possessed while early ranks are more likely to cause a death
      • For example rank 1 percent chances are close to 35% dead, 50% fail, 10% mutation, 5% possessed
      • An average over all ranks is closer to 25% dead, 50% failed, 15% mutation, 10% possessed.
    • The death result can be turned into a failed result with blessing of the moor.
    • There is no order to the non death or failed conditions. You could get mutation, mutation, possessed or mutation, possessed or just possessed.
    • When you get your first mutation you get one of the random four from the left side. Each with equal probability.
    • When you get your second mutation you get one of the random four from the right side. Each with equal probability.
    • When you get possessed you can no longer take dark pact. Possessed retain all skills the brethren has except weapon skills. Possessed can not use weapons. Possessed also gain the strength tree which brethren lack. Possessed stats are based on the brethren model: effectively the skill gives +3 W, +1 M, +1 A, +10 WS, +10 S, +15 Defense, +10 I.
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