PvP Shard Leaderboard!

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A new PvP Monthly Shard leaderboard has been added!​
Battle against other players, collect valuable shards and improve your ranking!​
We will be continuing to add more leaderboards with potential rewards in the future!​
Let us know what leaderboards you’d like to see!​
Other changes:​
Dwarf Gromil Armour defense fixed​
Empire Dagger buffed​
Download the update on Browser, Android and Apple.​
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Lol. I guess the first “shortened” monthly PVP season is over. 1736E4C0-D308-45D1-BB00-383FD68059B1.jpeg

GG to all who faced my Imagine no possessions warband. But had a couple of suggestions to make this PVP ranking better.

1). Could we open up the rating limits so that higher level warbands can compete? My main warband obviously won’t ever win these because of a lack of high level opponents. Perhaps create a toggle switch in the Settings section (below the current enable private PVP) to enable PvP Rankings that will ignore ratings. This will function like a universal PVP Code. I realize that you’ll have high rated warbands match vs lower but again that will encourage those lower warbands to level up. In other games I play with PvP, you have to hit end game before you can PVP. Not suggesting that here but we need to find a way for end game warbands to participate.

2). Could you add a column showing the rating of the warbands? I would have loved to match against the Reikland Mercenaries who was rank 2 but I bet he was at a differing rating to a match up wasn’t possible. But my knowing the rating I could probably have adjusted my warbands ratings to fight his (either by equipment or letting a couple warriors temporarily die). I always like to face the best opponents :)


Hi, instead of having to let a couple of warriors temporarily die, I would appreciate the possibility to suspend a warrior temporarily.


Agree. We’ve asked for that option but hasn’t been added.....yet....hopefully will be :)

In the meantime you have to let a warrior die to make them inactive.


Hi - there's not much PVP-fighting these days... Maybe it would be more interesting to fight, if there wasn't only one reward for owning the ranking no. 1 but also for the second and the third place?
In that way there would also be a motivation to fight for the second and third place if it's already impossible to took the first one.
What are players and Legendary are thinking about that suggestion?
Many regards,


I think we need to keep it where only the top rank gets the prize icon so it makes winning a season more meaningful. This is reset every month so other players will have opportunities to still get it.

I still get fights. The issue I believe is the lack of warbands who are above a certain rating level, so higher level warbands will not get the opportunity to compete. That's what I noted in the first point above in seeing how we can adjust the system to allow higher level warbands to participate. For this reason, I've kept my warband at around 1,000 rating so I can still get plenty of matches. To increase the likelihood, I've also even allowed one or two of my warriors to get injured or temporarily die so my rating will be lowered.


I am not sure, but at the moment fights up to a ranking-difference about 1000 (?) seem to be possible which means quite a fight also for an expert lower ranking warband.
So what might be the motivation for regular lower ranking warbands to confront a warband with a difference of e.g. 2000?
I am afraid that this will result in most of the cases in an awful frustrating butchery (of the lower ranking warband).


I believe you can match up with an opponent who is twice your rank. So the 1,000 difference is if you're rating is at 1,000. As we know, rating isn't necessarily indicative of how powerful a warband is. Mine typically beats warbands that are twice its rating and I actually prefer to find opponents who are much higher rating than myself, so doesn't necessarily lead to butchery of the lower warband.

The motivation of the lower warband, other than the fun, is that they get the XP bonus for underdogs and have reduced injury chance.

Now if Legendary were to make the PVP scoreboard open rating, lower warbands would be encouraged to develop their warband. The way the game is set up now, people who want to get lots of PVP matches need to minimize their rating as much as possible. I doubt this was the intent of the developers. Most games I play that have PVP require players to reach end game before they can PVP for prizes. That's what I'm hoping will be encouraged here.