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Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Mouthwords, Aug 30, 2019.

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    1. I assume cover only works for the direction the actual cover is protecting you from, is this correct?

    2. Do skills like Trick shooter still apply to characters using a bow even though it requires crossbow mastery to unlock?

    3. For Undead how does leadership work when you have both Vampire and Necromancer?

    4. Is leadership a stat actually worth investing in? If so to what point?

    5. I don’t understand the Doom spell, when it says the model must pass a Str+15 test, what’s that actually mean?

    6. Is there a site that explains these things in detail that I missed?

    Sorry is these seem stupid, I have been looking most stuff up or trying to figure it out but seems to be a lack of information on the wiki and some just isn’t intuitive to me.
    Any help is appreciated!
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    1) unlike in Xcom or similar games, cover provides bonus in all of the directions. It is a bit stupid, but thats how it works.
    2) Trick shooter skill works on everything related to dakka dakka, so yes, the bonus will be applied to bows, guns, throwing knives and sling as well.
    4) leadership affects how much of a coward the warrior is. Less leadership --> higher chance of being affected by fear, running away from battle etc. (Pro tip: estimate the medium leaderdship your characters can have - f.e. Reik, Midden & Marienburg mercs have min 53 and max 63 leadership --> never hire a member with less than 58 leadership). Its worth investing in, but only when the time comes.
    5) it means that if the target fails to pass a test, it dies. The tests works like this:
    Pick characters strengh stat, add 15 to it, and thats his percentual chance of surviving. (F.e. you cast spell Doom on Dwarf troll slayer. His base strenght is 25-35, he wields a mastered Ostland great axe, his strengh is now 50-60, add 15 and he has 65-75% chance to survive your Doom spell with no effect on him. If he fails this chance, he instantly dies.)
    6) there are - this very forum, and site called Fandom, you dont have to search long for it.

    Hope I helped ya. Have fun.
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    Thanks heaps, cleared everything up perfectly!

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