Raiding... (how it should work IMO)

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Dorsai, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. Dorsai Corporal

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    Hello all,

    I noticed something...

    it seems that when u launch an attack, there is a random chance to be put against a player (great) !

    Actually i don't like the way it works ;)

    how it seems to me it works (can be wrong)
    you have 2 chances out of 3 to be put against a computer oponent
    you have 1 chance out of 3 to be put against a player who can be or not online, more or less of your level

    how i think it would be nicer
    you always attack a computer opponent USELESS u choose from a list of ONLINE players.

    why :
    - sometimes you just need to build up ressources. And computer opponents are good for this
    - to attack a human player who is OFFLINE is no fun. His base, units etc were thinked for HIS style of play and i noticed that computer just mess up everything here ;)

    computer opponent strength (how it is)
    - the computer units are a mirror of yours (if u have access to tank, so he has etc)
    - the computer units are scattered and hidden. His base "strange" sometimes, HUGE forteress other times

    computer opponent strength (how i think it would be nicer)
    - make a map of 100 or so typical bases.
    - make a calculation system of "how much the human player is worth in credit" and calculate the opponent base accordingly.
    - based on this, choose the base (buildings) and units... and PLEASE no "3 hangars" but 10 fighting units (i cant do this so why should he ?)
    - based also on this, once the "value" of base is removed, give him the units (taking into account the value of each one)
    - and YES it is sometimes nice to have just 4 APC and to face 2 tanks... even if u dont have them... maybe you can "capture" them ? would be nice :)
  2. Overwatch Community Manager

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    Interesting take on how raiding should work, should be cool to hear what some other players have to say as well.
    Some of your statements are correct, and some are not,Raiding works differently as it prioritizes matching with humans over AI. If a human player is 'In the pot' and in your threshold, it will match you up against them. There is a dominating system in places which determines if you've been beaten by a player multiple times, it will stop the game matching you up against them, unless the weaker opponent chooses to raid them. If there is no one available in the pot it matches you up against AI. With the game being a multiplayer game we concentrate on matching player vs player, but clearly there is still some tweaks to be done. There was a forum post about player match making a while a go, it would be interesting to hear your say on it, I've pasted the link below if you want to check it out :) Thanks though, this has been added to the document of suggestions!
  3. Adam Smith Lead Programmer

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    Hi Dorsai,

    We've actually improved the make up of the AI forces recently, you should now see more varied units when facing an AI opponent.

    As for the bases, yes they could do with some work and we'll consider looking into this.

    Thanks for the feedback :)

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