Ranged weapon traits applying in close combat ?

Some ranged weapon traits seem to be applying in melee. The Disarm trait for a meltagun for instance, and the Poison effect on needle rifles (I haven't seen a needle pistol do it yet)

I've never seen Knockback apply from a shotgun in close combat, so that seems fine, but ive noticed anecdotally that some rifles with rapid fire seem to hit particularly hard, and the autopistol is so much better than a stubgun in melee that its a joke.


What’s just about to write the same.... I’m noticing that bolter and combat shotguns are quite good in melee... is the weapon str rather than granger str being used?


Agree, I'm also noticing that meltaguns are really good in close combat because they do critical hits often. Wondered if the 30% critical chance for ranged is being applied to when it is used for rifle butting in close combat?


I'm guessing it's the crit chance applying too. Might help sort bolter OPness when fixed. I agree autopistol or the van Saar las p shouldn't have rapid fire in melee either. They can already do 2 hits with it. A wack and a shoot. Taking anything else is just shooting yourself in the F