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    Hello There!

    Well im here to speak about ranged weapons
    Do you ever Try to make a sneaky archer and ended getting a snipper?


    Lets see:

    Long range
    Name___________________Range_Accuracy_Strength_Enemy Defence_Others
    Hochland Long Rifle & Sight _48____95_______40_____-15____________Ignore cover
    Elven Bow________________36____90_______30_____-15____________Half cover penalty

    Medium range
    Name____________Range_Accuracy_Strength_Enemy Defence_Others
    Repeater Handgun_24_____80______40______15____________Extra shot
    Repeater Crossbow_24____80_______30______ -____________ Extra shot

    Short range/close combat
    Name___________Range__Accuracy_Strength__Enemy Defence __Others
    Pistol____________6______50______40_______-15_____________Can be used in close combat
    Crossbow Pistol___10______75_____30_________-_____________Can be used in close combat
    Throwing Daggers_6_______50______0_________-____________+5 Ini, remains hidden
    Short Bow_______16______80______30________-______________Half use's move penalty

    In long range, medium range (with extra shot) and close combat blackpowder is always is the best option. Ever have better stats, but require more skillpoint for the right use (Blackpowder Mastery + Hunter).

    Throwing weapons are a special case, but i would like to talk about guns.

    I think the game need a re balance of ranged weapons. Maybe do a step apart of the "Hard core rule set" of the game board... for example:
    • Blackpowder is unstable, keep the superior strength, and range, but make a random check each shot to see if the weapon can shot right.
    • A profesional archer can shot more fast tan a blackpowder gun.
    • Crossbows... lot of films show us the strength of them (damage) and penetration (ignoring some enemy defence), with less training than the other weapons, but have less range than a bow
    what do you think about ranged weapons?
    need a rebalance?
    are them ok?
    crossbows/bows are better in any category?

  2. CzaRus Private

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    Well in all of my honest humble opinion, Repeaters are an absolute TRASH. They lose at long range, midium range accuracy is also quite bad, and CQB is another story, cuz you can't shoot anyone engaged in close combat, pistols win here. Repeaters need an accuracy buff, or better more extra shots, so you can at least spam the damn thing, since you hardly ever hit anything anyway. Pistols are good. Sling is fine. Snipers are good. Bows in general are quite weak. Xbows need penetration.

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