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  1. Stove Private

    This is something that has kind of bugged me for awhile, and something that doesnt strictly NEED to be changed, but I feel would improve the game if it was changed. At present, I am unhappy with the starting leaders the game gives you when making a Warband. I understand that with a small pool of unit types to choose from that stat randomization is a necessity, but leaders having 12 levels worth of random stat allocation is just too much in my opinion.

    I used to make Warbands in bulk until I got a captain whose starting stats where satisfactory to me, but now I just dismiss them and let a level 2 croney take over the Warband before my first fight. Even if I do get a Captain who doesnt have 3 wounds characteristic (which is a total deal breaker for hiring ANY unit for me) and sub 25 Strength, having such high starting level totally cripples their long term growth, because they have 12 levels worth of miscellaneous stats that prevents them from really taking on any role efficiently.

    In the Tabletop game, the rulebook tells us (this feels like I'm quoting gospel lmao) that the Captain of the Warband is supposed to represent us, the player. As a reflection of this, and to fix the problem with starting leaders, I propose that the game does NOT give us a starting leader, but instead promotes the first hired unit to the captain status and gives them some bonus skill points and maybe a free level in leadership to help distinguish them as the leader of the warband. Id like even better to be able to customize the captain fully, face and all, but that's a lot of work, and complete freedom to tweak stats could break the balance of the early game.
  2. OverWatch

    Thanks for taking the time out to leave your thoughts!

    If any one else agrees with Stove feel free to drop your two cents below. I often send out a doc for the team to review with suggestions from the community, so if this is something the team hasn't thought about changing it'll definitely make for an interesting discussion.
  3. Stove Private

    Thanks for considering my thoughts on this matter! :)

    I've noticed a side effect of doing this, but I've been reticent to post about it because I don't know what it means exactly, but when I kick my starting leader, it tanks warband rating to something like -80. As a result of this, I THINK that that means I'm constantly match up with lower skill war bands early on. I dont know for certain how matchmaking actually works in this game, but I noticed that after giving my starting captain the boot, A group of 4 dudes level 5 and up were still getting matched up with Warbands comprised of two naked dudes. Coincidence or..?
  4. OverWatch

    Just to confirm this is working as intended!

    Points will negate from your Warband rating if you decide to get rid of your captain. Essentially you're getting rid of what is already a powerful unit so the way we've tried to balance it out is by taking points away from your rating, making a much fairer match-up.

    If this didn't happen you'd more than likely come up against an opponent that does have a captain with lots of skills and a much higher rank, which wouldn't be much of a fair match-up if you have only newly recruited warriors.

    Of course feel free to give your opinion on this if you feel we could make any improvements
  5. morjax

    Two thoughts:

    * I like the idea of being able to select your capatin (ranged vs melee focus). Perhaps for the benefit of new players, there could be three options when you start a new warband: Use pre-built Melee captain, pre-built ranged captain, or build your own.

    * As for the rating drop when you remove the pre-made captain, that seems fine, but ratings should not go negative, I think. Perhaps we should determine what the absolute minimum rating possible is (one new unit with no gear, and fired captain?), and set that to zero. It would offset everyone's rating up a little bit, but I just don't think it makes sense to have a negative rating (If I'm reading that right, at least).
  6. OverWatch

    Good ideas as usual Morjax! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

    One thing I can imagine might be a bit difficult for us is meshing this into the existing tutorial. When selecting your captain, when and how would you like this to be presented? (which way would it make most sense to you as a player)
  7. morjax

    Is there an option (or an option planned) to skip the tutorials? If so, perhaps there could be a "start tutorial" button where everything is as it is now, or a "skip tutorial" with an advanced setup?

    It seems we should be able to fiddle around with our captain up until we run our first mission (perhaps it's an option from the warcamp before a battle has been fought?)
  8. OverWatch

    Skip option isn't in place at the moment! But we've had plenty of discussions about it internally, so I'm pretty certain that's something that'll be implemented.
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  9. etherkye Major

    Could have it so that you start with a level 12 leader, with 12 skill points to spend. The problem is though that he's far to valuable to lose if you want to be able to fight other players on an equal setting. Losing him can kill your warband and force you to restart. Whereas if he was a lot lower level then the loss of losing him wouldn't be so great.
  10. etherkye Major

    Do leaders get extra wounds beyond what anyone else can get?
  11. morjax

    I don't believe so. I think they just start farther along then other units, and get access to some special skills as the leader.

    On the flip side, you can dismiss your leader early on and replace him with a new hire. This way, your rating will be rather low to start, and you should get some ease match-ups to begin ;)
  12. etherkye Major

    Oh this time I did dismiss him right away. It's just a shame I have to hire 2 people in the tavern before I can, would have been nice to save the 25/50 gold.

    But my new leader is level 16, only 4 levels more, and has maxed out wounds, attacks, and armour training, strongman, and sword master. He's probably twice as good as my previous warbands leaders and did get to higher levels before being brutally murdered.
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  13. OverWatch

    Wow. Nicely done!

    I'm not looking forward to the day Felix Schlechtlein is lost in battle. I think that'll be game over for me, he's carrying my Warband through thick and thin being a level 21.
  14. etherkye Major

    My leader is also level 21 at the moment, but because I fired the old leader who had a 12 point head start, my next best warriors are level 17 and 16. As it's only a 4 level difference it probably won't be quite so bad for me.

    Although with my 4th person being only level 7 he might take quite a lot longer to get up to scratch.
  15. OverWatch

    21, 14, 12, 5 and 4 for me.

    I've been trying not to use my lower level units as bait... but some times you just can't help it! Sorry lads, if it's between you and Felix, it's gotta be you.
  16. etherkye Major

    I use my leader as the bait, he has the most wounds, highest weapon skill, best armour, and parry. So he's WAY more likely to survive getting hit. Then I can bring the others in to finish the job.

    Also the difference in level's in your warband should worry you. If you lose your leader you have no good fall back. You wouldn't actually be that far off a new starting warband.
  17. OverWatch

    I've been on a bit of a downward spiral I must admit, losing the odd unit here and there has put me back a bit. Luckily I've been able to get those higher levelled units up somewhat, so I'm hoping that they'll be enough to protect the other guys whilst they accumulate some exp from surviving matches and any other bonus exp that I can get.

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