Rebuilding - Waiting... waiting again (or : undue advantages ;)


Hello all,

I put this topic in COMPLEMENT to this one

it is not the same exactly... but it goes in same direction.

if u are beginner, u can raid easely and gain money
if u are better, lost your army, you CANT raid, because the opponents are WAY to strong for your newbuild army.
so... u need to wait, wait and wait again. Or, worse, you need to way 4hrs to repair your 2 missile launchers :/

In all cases, i think that sooner or later, many persons will be fed up... and just leave. Not alot of players accept to earn 1000 a day (2 harwest) when they need 6000 or 7000 minimum to rebuild something. It is one week doing nothing...

(1) IF defender is played by human for at least 50% of the battle length, then the defender ALSO loose his units DEFEINTIVELY when he is raided by another human. Just because there is no reason why all risks shouls be on the attacker :) but it should NOT be the case if the human is played by the computer... (just because AI is not "you"... so you should not be resposnable for it)

(2) Seriously think about a building which will decrease the reparation time of units (mechanical attelier = repair speed + 100%, even 200% with upgrade... maybe add some researches which need this building to upgrade the units ? don't know... but please consider it :)

(3) I send it in a private message yesterday, but i really think the idea is good : CHANGE THE CALCULATION OF FARMS
currently : farm = 50 flat rate
my idea : farm = [free slots - used slots +1] x 20

Example : i have 8 unit slots, and all are used. Each farm i have = 20 production (8-8+1)x20. It's logical... alot of farms, but troops need to eat also.

Example 2 : I have 8 unit slots, and NONE are used (i just lost everything). Each farm i have = 180 of production (8-0+1) x 20

it will also valorize the farm alot.. because it is expensive starting the 5 or 6th... more than 2k of credits... for 50 units ? kidding, it puts farm at "0" rentability after 40 days (!!!)

just some ideas :)

Ewan Lamont

Staff member
Interesting idea with the farms. Effectively you earn more the fewer active units you've got.... We will think on it.

We are about to release a big change that should help this. The attacker will get his wrecks back after a raid and units that scavenge will be able to scavenge as a free action which will help playes get back on their feet after a big loss and hopefully encourage players to go on scavenging raids to eaen resources with out taking the harvester.


or maybe 50% wreck back (random basis) ? same for defender if played by human...

because "all wreck back"... what will happen btw with "destroyed" units (like jetpack exploding so no wreck ?)
(or maybe just wreck back, not destroyed back)

Gavin Rummery

Staff member
Destroyed units don't come back, just the wrecks.

The "auto-scavenge" feature as we're calling it means that your troops are gathering resources even as you fight, so it is actually a lot easier to collect resources during a raid even if you don't go on to take the harvester.

We are hoping this means that even if you suffer a defeat then a) you've got at least some of your wrecked units back and can repair them quickly and cheaply b) you can go on a "hit and run" attack and steal lots of resources.

Anyway, keep your ideas coming, because we are interested in ideas that allow people to keep playing after a defeat.


I like the idea of wrecks if not including destroyed units, as there should always be a risk :)

as for scavenger tours i see a huge limit...
if i just try to raid an NPC, i come to a HUGE base with 2 ART and 2 Launchers inside... i cant move in (double wall + mines) and it is so huge combined with missiles inside that i don't feel like "going on a walk"... these bases would be defenitively not profitable to raid even should i earn 2000 units or so as i will have to repair or rebuild at least 75% of my units.

So for me, raiding is out until there are some changes :p