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    my games Im not sure ive done it more then once or twice first being curious. 15coins a fate just doesn't jive. If there were real pvp built in tournaments or something else that would need to keep things in check from pay to win, but now who are you paying to win vs? Only time vs a grind? Mostly. Treasure Map is a cool but I venture would need to be tweeked if coins were increase.
    I often well,when fate are done always get the US$ 25.99 for 100 fate. So ill use that, as its my reference point. Thats 1500 gold... now with the faster game play, (Thx U) thats maybe 20-40 mins of playing for me to get, why would I spend for that?
    Fate = LG profit and survival, both my goals, so this continues and grows.
    I dont fully recall the hired swords coin prices but they are way more then the fate translation, hence use fate unless your just f2p, which really isn't helping company survival, no offense to f2p, just fact.
    There have been quite a few updates since the tokens for coins,a while now. With the new (awesome ) buy xp, again 15coins per xp problem, but 1xp isnt worth a Fate Token...
    Finding a sweet spot between worth $€ for time saving/game currency off hand double ie30 to 50.
    Worse case,which i dont see, u update and down grade if issue, but i suspect a uptick in Fate spent.&purchased
  2. Raptor Private

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    Euhm... This game IS f2p.

    You're just looking to buy an advantage and crying about how the advantage you're buying isn't big enough.

    Not complaining, just translating your comment to normal English.
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    11 not sure that seemingly either miss read, or is lacking in the head comment. Maybe reread. Ive been at the game along time now. Unless your just another leach in the gaming world that is driving more and more of the apps etc to become more unsavory on money grabs. What happened to fair exchange for services, Dont know any free to play arcades or consoles games, or Cpu game, well maybe back some in the day, they r falling into this, as well.

    But since freeloaders tend to be a pain, i dish it back cause your rude and so off base. But im sure that a place of pride for ya.

    Above was a review of a added feature, that could use a second review. No real advantage if you even knew what you were talking about, as I mentioned its quickly grind able. So the ? For contemplation, yes requires thinking so likely beyond pebble the brain .
    Is it worth it to paying customers to use the feature to speed up their game playing. When the $ possibly isn’t offering enough.
    And in return may increase use of tokens for such use.

    Game is F2P unlike so many other games, mostly other then death which u can still accept, its a perk, for pretty armor, and less grinding time. We dont have any sort of thing to compete for or vs. u get stronger u face stronger. Not exactly pay to win. Plenty can play smartly and destroy with a well,built wb, So learn to read Raptor

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