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  1. Gurslak Corporal

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    A couple of questions/points from a recent game.

    1) My captain has a Handgun and had to reload the weapon at the start of the game. I'm assuming this is a bug and a hangover from the previous game where I fired the weapon and then charged into combat, never reloading it again.

    2) All Alone Test. Firstly, why does my solo captain always fail his test? Is this some kind of stealth nerf to get us to play correctly sized warbands?
    Secondly, why do I need to make a test when one or more of my opponents is stunned? I've charged a guy, stunned him, he stays stunned and then I'm counter charged, at which point my turn comes up I run away because I'm outnumbered. It makes no sense, when one more guy kills the stunned guy.
  2. Amaan Shawkath

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    1.) What you've described is a bug that has been fixed but it hasn't made it into the release that is coming out in the next few days but will be out in the update following it.

    2.) There is no stealth nerfs for all alone tests. The all alone check feature has been directly translated from the Tabletop version of the game which states "if your warrior is fighting alone against 2 or more units and there isn't a friendly unit within 6" that unit has to take a test at the end of his combat phase"

    Hope that answers your questions

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